Forget About Botox, This Mask Removes Wrinkles After Second Use

Avocado Recipe: Natural Proven Method To Eliminate Wrinkles

As we age wrinkles start to appear on our smooth skins. Wrinkles in a general definition are crease-like folds on the skin or ridge-like skin folds which form as we age. They are formed as a result of collagen breakdown which, in turn, disintegrates the skin’s fine complexion. Collagen is the foundation in our skins that helps our skin look and stay healthy looking wrinkle-free.

Etiology Of How Wrinkles Are Formed

The skin has three parts. The first layer is the epidermis, the second is the dermis and the third is the subcutaneous layer mostly consisting of fats (insulating layer). The second part, called the dermis, is the one that harbors the structural component of the skin which makes our skins look smooth and elastic.

The second layer of the skin has bundles of proteins called the collagen and elastin. The collagen forms the structural make up of the skin which makes it attached firmly to each other giving a non-wrinkle look. The elastin, on the other hand, makes the skin easily stretchable without forming any wrinkle.

As we slowly age, the dermis becomes thinner due to break down of collagen as it depletes in amounts. The structural elastin also reduces leading to an inelastic skin which is not strong. This paves way for wrinkle formation which exposes all the facial expressions you have ever made.

Causes of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are formed due to a number of factors. Among them include the environmental factors, smoking, biological factors such as aging, sun direct rays, dehydration, some medication and genetic predisposition among many other factors.

Wrinkles make us have undesirable looks, it makes our skins look unhealthy and makes us appear a bit older than we really are. At some point, the wrinkles can become deep creases or gully and remain conspicuous around your face, neck or mouth. Have you ever thought of a natural method of removing them?

Natural Remedy For Wrinkles

We came up with a naturally proven method to help reduce wrinkle formation and also to eliminate wrinkles. The ingredients used are easily affordable in stores. In this natural remedy, you apply the product formed after the mixing on your wrinkled face to act as a mask. This method is so successful such that it works perfectly after applying the mask for the second time.

This mask removes wrinkles after second use

Ingredients Include:-

  • An Avacado fruit
  • Two table spoons of cocoa powder
  • Two tea spoons of honey


1. Put all the ingredients mentioned above inside a blender and let them mix until they form a fine mix.

2. Put all the fine mix in an oil-like bottle for easy appliance purposes

3. Apply it on your face. You do this in a smooth but gradual way. Ensure not to touch the delicate eye region for safety purposes.

4. Let the mixture camp on your wrinkled face for about a quarter of an hour

5. After the minutes have depleted, wash away the content from your skin and rinse off with warm water.

6. Perform this twice a week.

It is wise to note that the Avocado fruit works to reduce inflammation and nourish the skin. The honey and cacao powder are very powerful antioxidants which promote circulation to the skin thus promoting a healthy skin.