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They Said Coconut Oil Was Great For You, But This Is What They Didn’t Tell You

Nowadays, we often hear about coconut oil, coconut water, coconut shreds, coconut butter, coconut cream, coconut milk and coconut flour.

This list seems endless!


Recently, there is no doubt that the popularity of coconut oil has skyrocketed, and there is a great reason for that. Actually, there are at least 127 good reasons for it!

Coconut (C. Nucifera) is a part of the Arecaceae (Palmae) family and belongs to the subfamily Cocoideae. Its flesh is rich in healthy acids, and its composition of fat may vary depending on its processing process and type.

Namely, medium-chain saturated fatty acids are around 90% of its content, combined with a small portion of polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

The human body easily digests, absorbs and uses medium-chain saturated fatty acids (MCFA’s), as they freely cross the blood-brain barrier in the unbound form, meaning that they may be used to promote neurological health and provide energy.

It seems that everything is based on coconut oil these days. We have coconut flour, coconut cream and milk, coconut water, coconut shreds, coconut butter and coconut oil. The coconut is from the Arecaceae (Palmae) family. The coconut’s flesh is rich in healthy fatty acids. Coconut oil consists of 90% of medium-chain saturated fatty acids.

What makes the Medium Chain Fatty Acid so Good?

These acids can be easily absorbed, digested and used by the body. They can cross the blood-brain barrier freely and the brain can use them as an energy source. Furthermore, the virgin coconut oil is completely natural, delicious, affordable and readily available. It also possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties. To add, it also improves the absorption of nutrients and it is not toxic for both humans and animals.

Coconut Oil for the Body and Personal Hygiene

  1. Helps with the age spots.
  2. Useful as an after shave.
  3. Against baldness. This oil supports regeneration of cells.
  4. As a body scrub.
  5. For bruises.
  6. For bug bites.
  7. For burns.
  8. As a lips moisturizer.
  9. It nourishes the baby’s skin.
  10. Against dandruff.
  11. As a deodorant.
  12. Diaper salve.
  13. As an eye cream.
  14. As a soup for face wash.
  15. As a hair conditioned for deep treatment.
  16. As a hair gel.
  17. For wounds.
  18. As a lubricant.
  19. As a makeup remover.
  20. For a massage.
  21. As a moisturizer.
  22. As a nipple cream.
  23. Against acne.
  24. As a pre-shave.
  25. Soothes various skin conditions.
  26. Nourishes damaged skin.
  27. Relieves sun burn.
  28. As a sunscreen.
  29. As a treatment for a swimmer’s ear infection.
  30. Healing and moisturizing tattoos.
  31. As a toothpaste.
  32. Prevents and reduces wrinkles.

Coconut Oil for Overall Health

  1. Breastfeeding.
  2. Good for the teeth and bones.
  3. Improves digestion.
  4. Improves your fitness levels.
  5. Improves the secretion of insulin.
  6. Improves lung function.
  7. Soothes an upset stomach.
  8. Prevents nose bleeds.
  9. Improves gum health.
  10. Relieves stress.
  11. Improves the absorption of nutrients and vitamins.
  12. Helps with the weight loss process.
  13. Improve the mental productivity and cognition.

Coconut Oil for Internal Health Problems

  1. Relieves acid reflux.
  2. Reduces chronic and adrenal fatigue.
  3. Soothes allergies.
  4. Helps with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  5. Soothes asthma.
  6. Autism
  7. Improve the bowel function.
  8. Cystis Fibrosis and Bronchial Infections.
  9. Prevents cancer.
  10. Improves cholesterol levels.
  11. Improves circulation.
  12. Helps fight flues and colds.
  13. As a treatment for cognitive diseases and mild depression.
  14. Diabetes
  15. Reduces epileptic seizures.
  16. Moisturizes the skin.
  17. Helps with gallbladder disease.
  18. Gas
  19. H.Pylori
  20. Protects against heart disease.
  21. Soothes hemorrhoids.
  22. Helps with hot flashes.
  23. Improves the immune system.
  24. Helps with the Irritable bowel syndrome.
  25. Helps with Jaundice.
  26. Helps with kidney disease and kidney stones.
  27. Liver disease
  28. Malnutrition
  29. Mental clarity
  30. Lung disease
  31. Relieves menstrual pain.
  32. Relieves migraines
  33. Pancreatitis
  34. Stops tooth decay
  35. Prevents prostate enlargement
  36. Soothes stomach ulcers
  37. Regulates the thyroid function
  38. Helps with infections of the urinary tract

Coconut Oil and Some Topical Health Problems

  1. Helps with acne
  2. Eliminates lice
  3. Relieves allergies especially hay fever
  4. Athletes foot
  5. Cysts and Boils
  6. Sore muscles and back pain
  7. Toenail fungus
  8. Cellulite
  9. Ear infection
  10. Decongestant
  11. Circumcision healing
  12. Genital warts
  13. Canker sores, gingivitis and gum disease
  14. Pink eye
  15. Hives
  16. Herpes

Coconut Oil and Animals

  1. Helps with the digestive disorders
  2. Helps with ligament or arthritis problems
  3. Helps in the elimination of coughing and hairballs
  4. Promotes wounds healing
  5. Soothes some skin conditions
  6. Disinfect cuts
  7. Excellent for cats and dogs in general
  8. Prevents and controls diabetes
  9. Makes the sedentary dogs more energetic
  10. Helps them reduce weight
  11. Improves the absorption of nutrients and the digestion
  12. Makes coats
  13. Prevents and treats fungal infections and yeast
  14. Improves the health of the skin and reduces allergy reactions
  15. Eliminates the dog’s bad breath
  16. Normalizes the thyroid function

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